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CT Scanner repair and MRI repair can be costly. However, the best way to minimize losses is to quickly respond and repair the situation. Often times, this comes down to finding the qualified technician to handle the repair. Here at Used CT Scanners and MRI we are committed to maximizing ROI through decreased downtime.

Used CT Scanners and MRI Advantage

  • The nation's largest network of certified field engineers
  • Regional repair centers in all 36 major metro areas
  • 1 to 5 year complete care service plans available
  • Decreased downtime with immediate repair response

We understand the importance of functional equipment to the profitability of your company. Our team of certified technicians will respond to any situation with the quickness and efficiency necessary to achieve a return on your investment. We guarantee the highest levels of repair expertise at the lowest prices, keeping your medical imaging equipment from becoming a financial burden. With over 25 years of experience, Used CT Scanners and MRI has the knowledge to keep CT scanners and MRI equipment running better longer.

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CT Scanner and MRI Repair