Used Toshiba MRI and CT Scanners

The efficient patient and coil positioning of Toshiba imaging equipment has kept them a market leader since 1875. Their time-saving techniques will help your organization achieve higher levels of efficiency without increasing costs. All of their machines pass a quality assurance test, guaranteeing doctors, physicians, and patients an imaging experience second to none.

Toshiba Medical MRI systems are easy to use and provide the highest quality images. Convenience, accuracy, and speed have allowed Toshiba to expand their market to hospitals and clinics worldwide. The display and filming techniques used by Toshiba will help your organization become more efficient and increase the opportunity for growth.

Toshiba CT scanners make the console, menus, and default scans a quick and easy process. Accurate results help medical examiners better diagnose and treat patients, while keeping efficiency at maximum levels. Their convenient and versatile systems insure the best possible experience for doctors and patients, helping your organization become a leader in the medical field.

Toshiba MRI Equipment

Toshiba Cat Scan Equipment