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The Philips Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner provides superior performance to competing machines. Advanced pulmonary imaging and multi-organ trauma evaluation produce sharp, detailed images that increase the diagnostic confidence in even the most difficult cases. These machines are designed to perform fast scans to reduces your patient's breath hold, while ensuring minimal does exposure. Flexibility within the system allows you to automate clinical exams with high performance and increase output and productivity. In order to meet the needs of your medical organization, the Philips Brilliance will be a secure long term investment.

  • Available in 6, 16, 40, and 64 slice
  • Minimal patient dose exposure
  • Fast scans producing high quality images
  • Advances pulmonary and multi-organ evaluation

The Philips Brilliance is one of the most efficient CT scanners on the market, providing your organization opportunities for growth and a return on investment. The simplicity of this system will allow lab technicians of all skill levels to achieve better results on the first scan. Through its reliability, accuracy, and versatility, the Philips Brilliance will be a secure long term investment for clinics of all sizes.

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Used Philips Brilliance 16

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