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The Philips Gemini CT scanner is the first machine equipped with Expanse technology, an open design allowing for interventional applications during scanning. Expanse helps to reduce patient anxiety and claustrophobia without diminishing the image detail. 3D image quality maximizes true counts and reduces scatter, helping physicians to achieve high levels of diagnostic confidence.

  • Available in 16, 40, and 64 slice
  • Equipped with Expanse Technology
  • 3D image quality reduces scatter
  • Fast, accurate scans through an easy to operate system

Available in 16, 40, and 64 slices, the Gemini contains Allegro metabolic data allowing lab technicians to detect and diagnose even the smallest lesions. Philips medical has consistently provided the operator with an easy to use system, accurate results, and fast scans to insure the best possible exam experience. Purchasing the Philips Gemini for your medical facility will help to improve image clarity and uniformity while increasing efficiency and creating opportunities for a fast return on investment.

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Used Philips Gemini 16 PET-

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