Used Siemens Biograph 64 CT Scanner

Used Siemens Biograph CT Scanner

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The Siemens Biograph PET CT Scanner is a compact machine with low weight and size for its capabilities. This patient friendly model features a large opening, continuous patient port, short tunnel for positioning, and a quiet work environment. Using Pico-3D electronics, TrueV extended PET field of view and UFC detectors for fast CT rotation times, this model takes faster images than other scanners in its class.

  • TrueV and CAREDose 4D reduces patient's exposure by 66%
  • Pico-3D electronics
  • UFC detectors for fast CT rotation times

Combining TrueV and CAREDose 4D reduces the patient's exposure by 66%, ensuring the highest quality images without sacrificing patient comfort. With a focus on the accuracy of their product, Siemens has achieved a large share of the medical imaging market by increasing diagnostic confidence in even the most difficult cases.

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Used Siemens Biograph 64

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